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Dr. Sticky's Spawn Salon

How many times have you thought about irreparably splicing the genes of your family critter? Using Dr. Sticky's patented breed-em-and-weep technology, now YOU can have the critter of your wildest dreams! 

Looking for the stickiest critter daycare center this side of the River Styx?! Look no further than the world-famous SPAWN SALON, run by none other than DOCTOR STICKY M.D. himself!

Cleanse your life of all these fake hucksters and swindlers promising to apply valuable FASHION all over your beloved critters in their backwood "salons"! Now you can say GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF MY CRITTERS... and mean it! 

(See store for details.)


You only use the MOUSE, so here's the scoop:

  • Left Mouse Button: Interact with STUFF in the salon.
  • Right Mouse Button: Rotate a THING when you're holding it


  1. All day long, customers drop their critters off at the salon to be "customized". With each critter, you'll get an order form. This tells you what they want their critters changed into!
  2. While in the salon, critters have quite the experience! This changes them in many ways! Explore the salon laboratory and figure it out!
  3. Once you've got the critter of a customer's dreams, click their order form and throw that shiny new critter spawn into the OUT hatch!
  4. Good luck!

Made by STICKY BISCUITS for SIGJ2018! We are:

  • Brendan
  • David
  • Jeff
  • Marshall
  • Nina

... and we got LAURELS! Woooooooooooooooo!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction


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Version 6
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Version 6
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Version 6


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Funny little creature-creator-sim-thing, haha!

My Instructions and Settings buttons didn't do anything; That's okay! Instructions are for untalented casuals, which I most certainly am not! Dragging the creatures around seems downright abusive, but they don't seem to mind, so it's alright. Probably. I quickly dropped most of my creatures down the bath-well, and stopped only when I realized I wasn't getting any more creatures to fill their now-vacant spots. I quickly had a bustling town of yellow slimes, exactly as I wanted.

Wait, let's start over again.

Spawn Salon is most fun when I'm largely unconcerned with fulfilling the orders and am simply watching the little critters go about their business; it's a bit like taking toys and bashing them together, except these ones sometimes actually react to each other and don't need batteries.

Overall, I had fun watching the creatures slink and bob about as they squeaked and bubbled amongst themselves.

Excellent game! Are you guys going to expand it at all post-jam?

Cheers! We may do a bit of polish / balance tweaks at some point : ) 



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