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Funny little creature-creator-sim-thing, haha!

My Instructions and Settings buttons didn't do anything; That's okay! Instructions are for untalented casuals, which I most certainly am not! Dragging the creatures around seems downright abusive, but they don't seem to mind, so it's alright. Probably. I quickly dropped most of my creatures down the bath-well, and stopped only when I realized I wasn't getting any more creatures to fill their now-vacant spots. I quickly had a bustling town of yellow slimes, exactly as I wanted.

Wait, let's start over again.

Spawn Salon is most fun when I'm largely unconcerned with fulfilling the orders and am simply watching the little critters go about their business; it's a bit like taking toys and bashing them together, except these ones sometimes actually react to each other and don't need batteries.

Overall, I had fun watching the creatures slink and bob about as they squeaked and bubbled amongst themselves.

Excellent game! Are you guys going to expand it at all post-jam?

Cheers! We may do a bit of polish / balance tweaks at some point : ) 



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